Top 10 Reasons To Choose Me as Your Realtor!

10. When you hire me, you’re not just getting a single agent; you get a whole team of licensed agents working hard to sell your home

9. I pay all advertising expenses and you don’t pay me a dime until I bring you an acceptable offer that clears the escrow process and successfully sells your property

8. My sales volumes and certifications rank me in the top 2% of all Realtors in the country

7. Our associated loan brokers search nation-wide to help potential buyers secure the funds needed to purchase your home

6. I am a high volume Realtor who consistently sells about 10 times more real estate than the average agent in this area

5. My employees and I have dozens of licenses and certifications, and a combined total of over forty years experience in selling real estate

4. California can be a very litigious place. Despite my high volume of transactions, NONE of my clients have ever been sued on the sales I arranged for them. Keeping you legally and financially safe is my top priority!

3. 83% of buyers now start their property search on the Internet. You won’t find a more tech-savvy Realtor in this area. In fact, I have given multiple classes instructing other Realtors on proper Internet marketing

2. Most agents will put your home on the Santa Barbara MLS, hold a few open houses, and maybe place some quickly made fliers in a brochure box outside. I advertise properties on FIVE regional MLS systems, SEVEN major websites, dozens of minor websites, in the newspaper, and I aggressively promote properties directly to other agents at marketing meetings and through fliers and direct mail

1. I will be there for you, responding quickly to situations and taking care of any questions or concerns as they arise. I will be there for you when you need me!

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Let's get your property sold! I will use strong marketing and negotiation skills to maximize your profit and minimize the time it takes to sell. The sooner you contact me, the sooner we can make it happen!