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Ocean Front Homes
This section features beach houses throughout the greater Santa Barbara area, including ocean front houses in Northern Ventura County and bluff front homes in areas such as the Santa Barbara Mesa and Hope Ranch. The beaches houses featured here already have fantastic views and beach access, so the links are generally not repeated in the Ocean Walk and Ocean View sections further below.

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Ocean Walk Homes
One of the best things about living in this area is being able to walk to beautiful, wonderful locations. Even if you don't own a home directly on the sand, it's easy to live within a few blocks to the beach, and that usually means you're within a short walk to many other wonderful things as well. The section below lists the major areas where ocean walk properties are common.

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Ocean View Homes
Few things inspire people like a great ocean view. Needless to say, the views from Santa Barbara properties have inspired many people over the years. It's common for Santa Barbara homes to have at least a little peek of the ocean, but the sections below feature only Santa Barbara houses and condos that have exceptional views; views that you can look forward to enjoying for many years to come!

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Luxury Estates
Below are links to fine homes in excess of $10,000,000. The greater Santa Barbara area features particularly renowned real estate, such as Hope Ranch homes, Montecito estates, and the many beach housesbetweenSummerland and Carpinteria. Owning a luxury homehere is not only an investment in lifestyle, but an investment in one of the historically best performing real estate markets in the world.