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Ocean Walk

One of the best things about living in this area is being able to walk to beautiful, wonderful locations. Even if you don’t own a home directly on the sand, it’s easy to live within a few blocks to the beach, and that usually means you’re within a short walk to many other wonderful things as well. The section below lists the major areas where ocean walk properties are common.


Santa Barbara Harbor

Santa Barbara Real Estate near the Beach

The harbor area of Santa Barbara is a wonderful place visit or live. Its main areas include West Beach, Stern’s Warf, the boat harbor itself, and East Beach. Various restaurants, museums, shops, and hotels can be found throughout this area. Santa Barbara homes here are popular both with part time and full time residents. Santa Barbara condos, particularly luxury condos, are common in the Harbor area.


Santa Barbara Mesa

Santa Barbara Real Estate near the Beach

The Mesa is an elevated area that comprises the Westside of coastal Santa Barbara. The Mesa itself is divided into three areas: West Mesa, East Mesa, and the Upper Mesa (or Mesa Alta). West Mesa is a rather quiet, low key area. East Mesa has multiple paths leading down to the beach and enjoys two bluff front parks. The Upper Mesa is more inland, but also high, and offers great views.

Ocean Walk - Montecito


Montecito Real Estate near the Beach

Montecito properties are all unincorporated, but these still enjoy two commercial centers: Upper Village and Lower Village. The Montecito houses and condos near Lower Village feature world-class shops and restaurants, in addition to being just a short walk to the ocean. The beach areas themselves feature luxury resorts, as well as Montecito condos in various gated communities.


Goleta, Northwest Areas

Goleta Real Estate near the Beach

Some Goleta houses and condos are within a brief walk to the beach. In particular, the many of the properties of Island Vista, a neighborhood within Goleta near UCSB, are close to the bluffs. To the Northwest of these Goleta properties is mostly undeveloped coastline known as the Gaviota Coast, comprised mainly of large ranches and occasional clusters of homes with beach access.

Ocean Walk - Summerland


Summerland Real Estate near the Beach

Of all communities that comprise Santa Barbara real estate, Summerland has some of the most impressive ocean views. Summerland homes also have access to wonderful restaurants andcharming crafts stores. One of the open secrets of the area is the Summerland Beach. With seldom more than a few people on it, this beach is one of the most idyllic walks in the area.


Carpinteria, Rincon Point

Carpinteria Real Estate near the Beach
Rincon Point Real Estate

Most Carpinteria houses and condos are within a short walk to the beach. TheseCarpinteria propertiesenjoy restaurants, shops, a museum, tar pits, andnumerous nature preserves. Southeast of these Carpinteria homes is the gated beach community of Rincon Point, known for its great surfing conditions.