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Ocean View

Few things inspire people like a great ocean view. Needless to say, the views from Santa Barbara properties have inspired many people over the years. It’s common for Santa Barbara homes to have at least a little peek of the ocean, but the sections below feature only Santa Barbara houses and condos that have exceptional views; views that you can look forward to enjoying for many years to come!


East Santa Barbara (The Riviera)

Santa Barbara Real Estate with Ocean Views

The hills to the East and Northeast of Santa Barbara are known as the Riviera. Santa Barbara houses of the Riviera are divided into the Upper and Lower Riviera. Lower Riviera homes often have pleasant views of the ocean and harbor. The Upper Rivera homes are significantly higher in elevation, with many of them having impressive, sweeping views of the city and ocean.

Ocean View - Goleta, Northwest Areas

North and West Santa Barbara (Mission Hill, the Mesa)

Santa Barbara Real Estate with Ocean Views

Santa Barbara houses and condos in Northern and Western areas of town often have strong ocean views. Mission Hill is one such area to the North, while the Mesa is located to the West. A few additional neighborhoods adjacent to these areas, such as Bel Air Knolls and the San Marcos Foothills, also feature homes with exceptional ocean vistas.

Ocean View - Montecito


Montecito Real Estate with Ocean Views

Montecito real estate is known for its many celebrity residents and fine luxury homes. The Montecito estates located in the Foothills enjoy some of the most picturesque settings and sweeping ocean views in all of Southern California. Multiple acres of land, fine construction, peaceful serenity, and near-panoramic views are common features of these Montecito homes.

Ocean View - Hope Ranch

Hope Ranch

Hope Ranch Real Estate with Ocean Views

Hope Ranch real estate is similar to Montecito estates in that it is an enclave of luxury and serenity. Hope Ranch houses exist in an association of homeowners and feature a gated beach, 24/7 security patrols, tennis courts, underground power lines, and over 20 miles of hiking and horse riding trails. Most Hope Ranch properties are impressive estate homes with multiple acres of land.

Ocean View - Goleta, Northwest Areas

Goleta, Northwest Areas

Goleta Real Estate with Ocean Views

This section includes all Santa Barbara real estate in the county, located Northwest and West of town.This area includes ocean view properties in Goleta, Old San Marcos Road, Highway 154 (San Marcos Pass), and the Gaviota Coast. This broad geographic area of ocean view homes also spans a broad range of building styles and access to various attractions and amenities.


Carpinteria, Summerland

Carpinteria Ocean View Real Estate
Summerland Ocean View Real Estate

Summerland is renowned for its up close, big views of the ocean. Not to be outdone, the foothills of Carpinteria contain many properties with exceptional ocean vistas. Both Carpinteria real estate and Summerland real estate enjoy charming downtown areas and access to exceptionally scenic beaches.