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Effective Pricing Means Maximum Profit!

  • How much you paid for your property, or how much you owe on it, has no effect on its current marketable price. The opinions of Apprasiers and Realtors don’t determine prices either. Appraisers will often be high or low, and many Realtors tell sellers whatever they hope to hear in order to get the listing on the property. I don’t do that. My intention is to get your property listed and sold at a fair price that the market can and will absorb. I will show you what similar properties have recently sold for, then let you decide on a reasonable price. With superior marketing and negotiaion skills, I will maximize your profit!
  • Proper pricing will get you more total offers, and more offers that are close to full price.
  • Pricing too high will get you few to no offers in this current market. The only offers you get will tend to be low-ball offers after the property has sat on the market a while.
  • 60% of overpriced properties will have their listing expire before they are sold. Most of overpriced properties that do sell during their listing period have to first undergo drastic price cuts. Properties that are overpriced by 5% or more at the beginning of their marketing will tend to sell for 10% below market rate, if they sell at all.
  • A quick sale on a reasonable-priced property will let you take your profit much sooner, then invest it in other ways that can be making you money.
  • Even though you may not be under any pressure to sell, you are competing with many sellers that are under extreme pressure to sell.
  • A well-priced property will sometime cause a bidding war between multiple buyers.
  • Price your property to cause some buyer excitement from the beginning and you will be fine! Selling a property always comes down to effective marketing plus effective pricing!

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